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A Neuroma is a pinched nerve, or a nerve tumor. A neuroma can cause pain, tingling, a burning feeling or numbness in between toes typically on the ball of the foot. Some may describe a neuroma as, “having a stone in the shoe” or “a sock that feels bunched up”. It can also described as if a “hot knife” is being poked into the skin.


  • High arch/ flat foot
  • Trauma to the foot
  • Shoes that squeeze or put pressure on the toes

A neuroma can get worse if left untreated. Most of the time, conservative treatments will successfully improve the condition. These treatments include custom orthotics, cortisone injections, medications or cryogenic neuroablation (cryosurgery).  The Doctors at AZ Feet Fixers are currently the only trained foot specialists in the State of Arizona that are performing this innovative procedure in the office.  Success rates can typically range from 80-85% success in pain reduction according to our experience and according to the medical journals. Dr. Allen brought this technology to his speciality and patients travel to Arizona from all over the country to have this in office procedure performed. 

Rarely is outpatient surgery necessary for this condition. However, if conservative treatments fail, our Doctors at AZ Feet Fixers are surgically trained and Board Certified to help you determine additional options to help improve the condition.

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