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An ingrown toenail is a condition where the toenail grows into the side skin of the toe. The nail that digs into the skin causes redness, irritation, and warmth to the toe. If the nail breaks the skin, infection of the tissue around the sides of the toenail will create discomfort and pain. This results in  the need for professional medical attention. Minimally painful in-office procedures can be performed to alleviate the pain and improve the condition permanently. Some of the causes of ingrown toenails include:

  • Stubbing the toe
  • Traumatic injuries to the toe
  • Repeated pressure on the toe
  • Incorrect cutting of the toenail
  • Improper pedicures
  • Thickening of the nail including fungus
  • Improper shoe gear
  • Genetic pre disposition from an irregularly shaped toe or nail

Home treatments for an ingrown toenail are strongly discouraged, especially if there is an infection. At home procedures will likely cause the condition to become worse and may lead to a worsening problem including infection to the skin, soft tissue and bone. Medical treatment may include removing the ingrown surgically which is a procedure done at the office.  This procedure is usually done the same day as your appointment. Patients can choose a temporary removal of the ingrown nail or permanent removal of the ingrown.  Temporary removal of the ingrown toenail may result in the ingrown toenail growing back.  Permanent removal of the ingrown portion of the toenail is also known as a matrixectomy and is the most popular procedure performed in the office for this condition.  After the area is numbed up with local anesthetic, the ingrown nail border is removed, and a chemical agent is used to destroy the nail root so it doesn’t come back. The success rate is very high for this in office procedure.

When to call AZ FEET FIXERS

Although ingrown toenails can be treated with at-home treatments, doctor intervention might be necessary.

Call AZ FEET FIXERS, whose doctor’s specialize in the treatment of foot disorders, if you have:

  • If you experience severe discomfort in your toe
  • If you see pus or redness that seems to be spreading
  • If you have diabetes or another condition that causes poor blood flow to your feet and you experience any foot sore or infection

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