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Flat feet are usually identified when the arches of the inside of the foot are flattened. When standing up, the arch of the foot will touch the floor (see diagram below). This could lead to other problems, including pain in the knees or ankles. A Flat foot can develop:

  • During childhood
  • After an injury
  • With an increase in age

If pain develops from flat feet, it will usually occur in the arch or heel area of the foot. There are treatments for flat feet, including orthotics or supportive shoes. Orthotics are inserts for shoes that are custom designed. They provide support for the arch of the foot and can help with the pain caused by the flat feet. Another treatment option is surgery. Surgical options are a last resort and are performed by our specialists only after conservative treatment options have been exhausted.

When to call AZ FEET FIXERS

Although flat feet can be treated with conservative treatments, surgical intervention might be necessary.

Call AZ FEET FIXERS, with doctor’s specializing in the treatment of foot disorders, if you have:

  • Feet tire easily or become painful with prolonged standing
  • Feet ache, particularly in the heel or arch area, with swelling along the inner side
  • Difficulty moving heel or midfoot around, or standing on your toes

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